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              In 1972 a Society called Emmanuel Society was established and in 1979 registered under society act of Madhya Pradesh in Sehore, M.P., to serve the society by imparting quality education and providing needed facilities to the under-privileged.

              Our founder Mr Babu Das Masih was a man of great vision. He started the Society without having much backup resources, but very soon he got the support of people of high standing in the society who helped him to fulfill his visions one by one.


             He started an English Medium School in Sehore, which happened to be the first English Medium School of the district. The school has been functioning well from its start in 1972 and has improved every passing year. Today, it is among the most populated schools in Sehore. One of the hallmarks of our School is our commitment to impart knowledge without commercializing. Most of our students come from rural areas and their parents do not have any fixed incomes. Many of our students get fee concession from which some get complete concession!  



" Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom" (Bible)

            The Society carries on with its mission inspite of the fact that it does not get any organizational support or Government aids. We have conducted many programmes in the past 35 years. We have conducted jail visits in which we visit the prisoners and distribute clothes and eatables apart from giving talks on positive thinking, personality development, etc. We have also got opportunities to arrange for bail for those whose relatives do not take care of them.

            The Society also provides free coaching classes for poor students. This programme is held during the summer holidays. Children get trained in basic literacy programmes and other skills like music, craft making, etc. We have also conducted special programmes like developing memory and mastering maths for school going kids. We have also done activities like distribution of used household items in the villages. We collect used clothes, utensils, toys and other stationary items from cities like Bhopal and Indore and distribute it in villages around Sehore. We get very good response from the people for these distribution programmes. We also conduct hospital visits. We distribute fruits and literatures to poor patients. We also give them booklets that can raise their spirits.


Our School Mono


           We have good moral support for all our programmes from the local political leaders and men of social standing. Our present President Mr David Das Masih was recently chosen as a member of the Minority Commission of Sehore as one of the two representatives of the Christian community. This is an obvious recognition of our involvement in the Social causes of this district. This gesture has motivated us to get involved in more and more activities for the socially backward and under-privileged people.


We desire to start care homes for handicapped children, orphanes and the old aged.


At present we have two separate schools:

a)    Emmanuel Higher Seconday School, Sehore, which is 31 years old.

b)    Emmanuel High School, Mandi (3kms from Sehore), which is 10 years old.

c)  Emmanuel Gurukul Residential School, Sekhdakhedi, Sehore, Near to highway. 



These are English Medium schools following the MP Board syllabus and are recognized by Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education. We have well-qualified and experienced teaching staff. Some of them have upto 20 years of teaching experience in our school itself! All our teaching staff are Post Graduates and most of them also have B Ed.



Apart from giving a result-oriented study atmosphere, we use every possible opportunity to share the gospel. We conduct a three-day special meeting every year attended by more than 2000 people. We also arrange special Christmas programme on 25th December for the students and their parents. Able servants of God give messages in Hindi and English. The School premises is used for various other Christian activities like YMCA, Sehore, board meetings, Vacational Bible Classes for children, a Church gathering every Sunday, etc.



We believe that providing education is one of the best forms of charity, as it develops an individual’s instinct to be self-sufficient. Considering the volatile situation in this State regarding direct Christian ministries, we feel that social ministries like running schools, orphanages, etc. are more effective in sharing the gospel and to give moral education.. Thousands of students get almost 12 years of spiritual training in our schools. Hence, we request you to kindly consider this ministry and do all that you can to help us achieve our dreams and goals.


Your contribution to charity is well known and we request your selfless and generous support to this cause.

Please address your Draft in favor of

“Principal, Emmanuel H.S. School”, payable at Sehore, MP., India.

A/c No:-0405104000025577 IDBI Bank Branch Sehore

Thanking you.

Your’s in Him


DAVID D MASIH                  




Please do remeber us and our work in your daily prayer.

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Mr Babu Das and his divoted Team (1978)

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